"Future Perspectives Of Forensic Science in India"


Forensic Science has become an increasingly prominent area of science in recent years. Technology has continued to advance at a similar pace, providing those responsible for managing crime, with a need and opportunity to identify and predict new and future applications of science and technology; not just in reducing and detecting crime but also in predicting how technology will be used by criminals in the future. In India, investigation of crime and prosecution of persons having committed the crime are not up to the mark. Even in heinous crimes large number of criminals could not be prosecuted and a few percentage of trials end in acquittal as a result of which number of criminals and crimes are increasing day- to- day. These frequent acquittals are mainly due to obsolete techniques of investigation which leave many loopholes. There is therefore a need for Forensic Science users, providers and educators to identify the knowledge and skills required by Forensic Scientists and crime investigators of the future to ensure that technology continues to be used and applied to its full advantage. Modern scientific methods for investigation of crimes and connecting the criminals with the overt acts are very much necessary in order to make our Criminal Justice System effective. This conference will aim to focus on the latest approaches, unrivalled perspectives and cutting edge solutions to the problems faced in different classic disciplines of Forensic Science especially in Indian context; this conference will thus, serve as an attempt to provide a common and innovative researches in various fields of Forensic Science, platform for the academicians and different experts across country in this domain to share their potential and innovative researches in various fields of Forensic Science.

Organizing Committee

Chief Patron

Prof. Surendra Dubey

Hon’ble Vice Chancellor


Shri Vyas Narayan Singh


Shri Dharmpal

Finance Officer

CO – Patron

Prof. S.P. Singh

Dean, Science

Prof. S.K. Kabia

Dean, Student Welfare

Dr. Anu Singla



Dr. Ankit Srivastava


Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam IFSC, B.U. Jhansi


Mr. Vijay Kumar Yadav

Assistant Professor

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam IFSC, B.U. Jhansi


Ms. Kriti Nigam

Assistant Professor


Joint Secretary

Dr. Pradeep Kumar Dr. Prakash Chandra Mr. Balendra Singh Dr. S V Singh
Dr. O.P. Singh Dr. Manisha Sharma Dr. Smita Chauhan Mr. Swapnil Gupta
Mr. Chandan Namdev Dr. Hemant Katiyar Dr. Sunil Niranjan Dr. Ramji Soni
Dr. Prem Prakash Dr. Lalit Gupta Dr. Veer Raj Saini Mr. Ketan Sarawagi


Gandhi Auditorium, Bundelkhand University, Jhansi is the venue of conference.