BASIC- Incubation Center

BU Active StartUp Incubation Council (BASIC)

Bundelkhand University, Jhansi, is established for nurturing innovation by encouraging, supporting & promoting technology-based startups and providing an ecosystem for their growth by Incubating in the Center. This Foundation is  dynamically involved in evolving the paradigm of entrepreneurial approach and environment of ideating, creating and commercializing the ventures at the University or any other startup saligned to the core theme of Foundation.

Brief Incubator Profile

  • To encourage and promote innovation and assist start-up companies by establishing and providing physical infrastructure
  • To provide incubation services to innovation and start-up companies by facilitating Science, technology, humanities and management consulting services and guidance.
  • To conduct entrepreneurial activities and create culture of innovation and entrepreneurship leading to technology-based start-ups
  • Establishing incubation centers, promoting new technology/ knowledge/innovation based startups, building of a vibrant startup ecosystem by establishing network between academia, financial institutions, industries and other institutions, provide training and certification services, services to startups like mentoring, legal, financial. services etc, conduct exhibitions, trade fairs, etc., or any other avalue added or promotional activities for startups, students or industry at large as and when required to provide a platform for research and development by any individual,  institution. company or otherwise, and to provide incubations services, due diligence services. preparing feasibility reports, facilitating various registration procedures, or any other services which may be required by university established under the Uttar Pradesh University Act, 1973. Nurturing the translation of ideas and innovations emerging from the scientific,  technological and knowledge capital, to generate commercial and social impact and to contribute to the economic development and social well-being of the region and country by building the necessary infrastructure for creation and translation of technology to market readiness, by supporting adoption of it by exiting ventures and creating networks between academia industry and financial institutions and providing such assistance as required.
  • Fostering the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship and Start Ups in individuals and groups at National and International level, to address the current and emerging societal need by providing an effective channel or forum, both online or offline to bridge the gap between scientific research and knowledge creation at university established under the Uttar Pradesh University Act 1973 and affiliated institution and commercialization on the other hand to deliver innovate solutions to the requirement of the market or society at large, after optioning required approval from competent authority.
  • Facilitating co-operation and interaction between academia and industry (specifically between university and enterprises, entrepreneurs in various sectors)  and promote innovation through formal and informal means, to identify, conceptualize, implement joint projects between companies/entrepreneurs and faculty/students of university and also provide various management, consultancy, or any other services to university to promote their objects or as per the requirements, including the services as mentioned above.
  •       Providing training, education, certifications, short term courses long term  courses or otherwise or conduct exhibitions, promotional events/activities or otherwise in parlance to the objects a stated above, after obtaining required approvals from university.