National Education Policy 2020 (NEP-2020)

The National Education Policy as submitted by the Kasturirangan Committee submitted an education policy that seeks to address the following challenges facing the existing education system:

  1. Quality
  2. Affordability
  3. Equity
  4. Access
  5. Accountability 
  • The policy provides for reforms at all levels of education from school to higher education. 
  • NEP aims to increase the focus on strengthening teacher training, reforming the existing exam system, early childhood care and restructuring the regulatory framework of education. 
  • Other intentions of the NEP include:
    • Increasing public investment in education,
    • Setting up NEC (National Education Commission),
    • Increasing focus on vocational and adult education,
    • Strengthening the use of technology, etc.

Key Recommendations of National Education Policy 2020

The National Education Policy 2020 has recommendations and reforms with respect to the following items:

Early Childhood Care and Education The Right to Education Act, 2009 (RTE Act)
Curriculum Framework School Exams
Higher Educational Institutions [Accreditations & Structure] National Mission on Education [Through Communication & IT]
National Research Foundation Education Governance
Financing Education Vocational Courses
Three Language Formula

To ensure holistic development and encourage contribution of university in regional development, the following cells are introduced  as per the directions  of NEP 2020.

  1. Industry Academia Incubation And Skill Development Cell
  2. Online Education & LMS Cell
  3. Teachers’ Reskilling Cell
  4. Research Development Cell
  5. Institutional Development Plan
  6. Activity Club
  7. Indian Language, Culture And Arts Cell
  8. International Students Cell
  9. Cell For Differently Abled Students Sedg’s
  10. Mentoring And Counseling Cell
  11. Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Start Up And Incubation Cell
  12. Women Activity Cell