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Ph.D. Ordinance

University is imparting Ph.D. degree as per UGC Regulation 2009. New Ordinance has been d in the light of UGC Regulation. Entrance test shall be conducted followed by interview. The candidate has to do six months coursework before their actual research work. To ensure quality research, every admitted candidate shall have to do course work for a minimum of one semester. Only those candidates who successfully complete the course work shall be registered in the PhD programme. Every candidate will be required to submit research proposal, duly recommended by the Supervisor(s), after successful completion of the course work.

The Research proposal is then considered by the Research Degree Committee. The committee shall monitor the progress of the student as per guidelines or the ordinance. The student is required to submit a proof of acceptance/publication of at least two research papers in refereed journals of repute before submitting the synopsis. The RDC shall submit a panel of examiners consisting of examiners from India and abroad for the evaluation of the thesis. Each examiner shall submit a written report in the prescribed proforma for consideration of the RDC. In case reports of both examiners are positive, the RDC shall prepare a gist of the reports of the examiners for the consideration of the concerned authorities in order to take further decision regarding the conduct of viva-voce. The viva-voce examination shall be compulsory for all the students and shall be conducted jointly by the Supervisor(s) and one of the external examiners. After the successful completion of evaluation process, the candidate shall submit the final thesis to the University Library for inclusion in Shodh Ganga/INFLIBNET. The detail of ordinance is as following;
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