Computer Center

Proficiency in computer applications has now become a binding compulsion in day today life leave aside the professional obligation. Since the University is offering a wide range of professional and vocational programmes apart from those exclusively based on computers, viz., Msc (IT), MCA, B Tech computers/ electronics/ Biotechnology, Instrumentation, BCA and BSc (IT) etc, need for an advanced Computer Centre has been inherent.

Therefore, due attention has been steadily paid to equip the Computer Center with advanced hardware and software. Presently, the central computer facility of the University has emerged as Tier 2 data center with more than 11 high performance servers with high end computing capacity. Apart from central facility of computer lab, Computer Center maintains a network of more then 500 advance computer systems across various departments. Computer Center Hosts inhouse web presence of Bundelkhand University with domain name and and various sub domains to cater the need of Bundelkhand University.

Computer Center has a state of art internet facility comprising 1Gbps NKN Link and 45 Mbps backup link. Apart from this central facility, majority of the Institutes/Departments on the Campus have their own computer labs.