Domain PDP Classes

Domain & PDP Classes

Domain Specific Training is inculcated with the curriculum to develop engineering skills through training in engineering drawing, measurements, computing skills, manufacturing technology and effective communication. The Domain and Soft Skill training helps develop creative abilities for the application of basic and engineering sciences to engineering problems involving planning, design, manufacturing, maintenance and research and development.

The core courses lay emphasis on concepts and principles. Emphasis is given to develop communication skills in English language - the medium of instruction. The Professional courses lay emphasis on system analysis, design, manufacturing and professional practice. There is an in-built flexibility to encourage students to specialize in streams of their choice through a system of elective papers. The University strives to foster among its students a strong desire and capacity for continuous learning as well as self appraisal to develop sterling human & professional qualities and a strong sense of service to society through designed, curricular, co-curricular activities and congenial campus environment.


Bundelkhand University has pioneered to inculcate soft skill and domain skill training with the academic curriculum which is an historic decision to contemporize the educational system in tune with industrial needs