Innovation Center Charges


The Innovations Centre welcomes samples for analysis from academic institutes as well as Industry. A detail of facility available and sample analysis charges are given below: The charges are for industries. The centre shall reduce the charges by 25% for government institutes and 50% for academic institutes.

S.N. Name of Facility Requirements on Test Sample Charges in Rs./hr./sample/ GST will be extrae
1 X Ray Diffractometer Powder Sample Will be updated soon
2 Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer 2-5 mg sample for GC with conditions
Nature of compound, solubility, melting point/boiling point, column (if known)
Rs.3000/per hour
3 Real Time PCR All consumables to be arranged by user Rs.500/hr to a  minimum of Rs.500
4 Digital Imaging System Pre stained gels Rs.300/per gel 
5 Ultra Centrifuge   Rs.300/ per run
6 Two Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis All consumables to be arranged by user Rs.500/hr to a  minimum of Rs.500
7 Inverted Microscope with Phase Contrast and fluorescence attachment All consumables to be arranged bythe user Rs.100/per shot
8 Rotaevaporator, Cryochiller, Vaccum pump and water aspirator All consumables to be arranged by the user Rs.500/hr to a  minimum of Rs.500
9 Lyophilizer (Freez dryer) Aqueous samples Rs.500/hr to a minimum of Rs.500


Multi Mode Microplate Reader for recording UV Visible (nanodrop facility also available), Florescence or luminescence for sample.   ELISA   Rs.600/sample
11 Ultrasonicator   Rs.500/hr to a minimum of Rs.500

Visiting Charges for delegations: Rs.1500/- per visit (Only for External Visitors)

Please note that:
  • As per Govt. rules Service Tax (12.36%) will be charged on the analysis charges.
  • The analytical data/spectra are provided only for research/development purposes. These can not be used as certificates in legal disputes.
  • Service charges are payable in advance by crossed bank draft in favour of the Finance Officer, Bundelkhand University, Jhansi.
  • Samples and payment should be sent preferably in the same cover. Separate samples should be sent for different analysis. Samples are not analyzed till payment is received.
  • Maximum 5 samples per lot for any type of analysis are accepted at a time.
  • Please send the samples in quantity as mentioned in the brochure. Samples are not recovered unless a special request is made.
  • In all correspondence related to analysis our reference number must be mentioned.
  • Unstable and explosive compounds are not accepted for analysis.
  • Services are rendered to only those users who regularly give us feedback about the end-use of the results, e.g., thesis, patent, process, publication etc.
  • All concern persons, research fellows and students are advised to send their application and samples through their supervisor/Head of Department. The request should be made only on University/College/Institute letter head.
  • It is mandatory for users to acknowledge the facility in their research work and communicate the same to Coordinator, Innovation Centre. This condition is necessary for availing “discounted educational institute price” for educational Institutes.
  • Interpretation of spectra is not undertaken normally. In special cases this service can be provided on payment of extra charges.

All Communications should be addressed to:
Dr. M.M.Singh,
Coordinator, Innovation Centre,
Bundelkhand University, Jhansi-284128
Uttar Pradesh, India
Email :
Phone : +91 9415030714