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Message from the Desk of Registrar

Dear Website Visitor, Warm Welcome!!

The accomplishment of any educational institution is not measured by the number of degrees, certificates and diplomas, but by the quality of its students. The students need to be equipped with necessary technical, human and conceptual skills required to excel in the chosen walk of life. Survival of fittest has always been the rule of nature. To sustain in the rapidly changing and growing globalization and commercialization in educational sector, the university has been mobilizing resources for financial, infrastructural and academic development. The University has been accredited three times by the NAAC. It has been ranked as number one university of the Uttar Pradesh state for its varied number of courses and adherence to academic calendar.

The University is equipped with strong infrastructure. With our strong culture of discipline and team spirit, we have created a harmonious and congenial atmosphere on the campus. I strongly believe that the university will gear itself to meet the aspirations of students and people of Bundelkhand in particular and the nation in general.

                                                     With all the Best Wishes,

                                                                                                            Vinay Kumar Singh
                                                                                                                  Registrar                                                                                                      Bundelkhand University Jhansi